{#127} “Unconditional Euphoria” © October 26, 2015


I don’t care if my friends like him or not
I’m not even sure if I like him
What I do know is…
He gave me total
This was without him even saying a word to me
He just smelled good and I surrendered everything
This alone
Puts all of my other senses on overload
And for Me
All I have to do is stand by him
This makes me high
Tic Toc…Toc Tic
I find myself needing more and more of him and that
Euphoric feeling
More now than ever before
I need him
And I don’t even know if I like him
I really don’t care if he likes me either
Just give me a moment alone with him
Or in a crowd
It does not matter
This will temporarily stop time
Leaving me to float above the world
Never wanting to come down
When he leaves
I will however
Crash and burn
That is alright
He gave me such a feeling that I’ve never felt before
I was alive for the very first time
Whether he likes me or not
I can still spend a few moments in total bliss
It’s all from just standing next to him
He is the only reason
That I now need
Unconditional Euphoria



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