{#126} “76/77” © October 22, 2015


Almost 40 years ago
I guess it doesn’t matter
There will always be
The piper to pay
Karma is now riding my ass
It was supposed to feel good
Nothing ever felt good
It was such a long time ago
Like reading the song lyrics
Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
Nothing ever mattered
Nobody taught me anything
Going all the way and playing it by ear
I didn’t know anything about life or love
Was I supposed to?
How would I ever know?
I was just too young at the time
So many unconditional meetings
And then came New Years Eve 1976
Sad thing was…
I didn’t even know his name
He was the only one who tried
Pleasing me
He even took me bowling afterward
New Years Day 1977
He cared about me more than anyone else
I never did say anything to my husband
Where the Hell did he disappear to that night?
Who was he with? Sure wasn’t me.
Why do you think that I left?
It doesn’t matter anyway
We’ve now long, been divorced
My one and only marriage
He’s now on number 6
Almost 40 years later
The piper must be paid
After all
Karma is a bitch
Wanting me



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