{#125} “She Loves You” © October 20, 2015


Her dreams are so beautiful
They are filled only with thoughts of you
She tells me all of her dreams
Because you chose not to listen
You must know by now
She loves you
All those little annoying things
She does them
Trying to please you
You do like all the added attention, don’t you
But you will never admit it
Afraid of losing yourself
Your worldly self
She dotes on your every word
Hoping for just a little acknowledgement from you
Be it good or bad
You must know by now
She loves you
You can never be faithful to her
She excepts that part of you
She waits at home, alone
Waiting for your next phone call or text
I do my best to keep her calm
Telling her everything will be alright
She will hear from you soon
Just wait….
You are such a busy man
You will think of her when you get home
And fill yourself with rest
Then make the much needed phone calls
To your family and friends
You must know by now 
She loves you
You fill her daily dreams
I once tried to tell you
About a dream that I had
You also chose not to listen to me
And my dreams then floated away
Like the wind
Never to be heard
Do you have any idea what it is like
Telling your dreams to nobody
When there is nobody there to tell them to
She at least has me
I am her friend
So, I am telling you now
She loves you
And if you haven’t figured it out
I love you too



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