{#123} “Why, Thank You, Kind Sir” © October 16, 2015


Why, thank you, kind Sir
All of your kindness
Has totally thrown me off guard
A tid bit here
A morsel there
But after hearing idol gossip
The truth was exposed
And you stood on the sidelines
Just watching
Savoring every minute
An indulgent delicacy
Bonne Bouche
Like a wolf
You feasted upon my innocence
Finger foods, so to speak
Female articulations of sadness
The heart
You mastered it well
I have many fine lessons
Being added into my journal
Language and Art
Love and Death by proxy
My skeletal remains
Are all of what's left of me
In my tiny quivering voice I say to you
Why, thank you, kind Sir
I prayed so feverishly
Lighting candles
Talking to God
Day and night
Just hoping to meet someone like you
I guess God has a good sense of humor
The joke was on me



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