{#122} ” Hey Darlin’ ” © October 15, 2015


Hey Darlin’
I do love you
I’ll never tell our secrets
All those rotten people
With all of their rotten stories
My hands are placed firmly over my ears
They burn so hot
You give me a fever baby
Because I do know
That these stories
Are… All true
I’m not the only person
I knew, but chose to ignore the signs
The lies
All the lies
Not from you
No, you never lied
You just never said anything
About all the women in your life
Who are more than happy to talk about it
You never talked about them to me
Except for the fact
That you are afraid of these women
You should be afraid
Hey Darlin’
By the way
How many are there?
Did or do you keep count?
Another notch in the bedpost?
Makes me question certain things
Things that I saw…perfection
Things that I felt…perfection
Was I wrong?
Hey Darlin’
A personal problem?
How would I know?
You never talk to me
Just circles
Yackety yack
Around me like I’m not there
Strange thoughts float in and out of my
Once innocent mind
That you so corrupted
What kind of cake do you like?
Would it hurt so much to answer that?
Maybe I don’t want to hear the answer anymore
Maybe you don’t answer because
I WAS JUST ANOTHER….oh, whatever
In that ever famous life of yours
That’s all there is my friend
So, let’s keep dancing
Hey Darlin’
Do you trust me?
You are my
Poetry Slam
I can’t help
Falling in love with you…..♡



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