{#121} “My Execution” © October 15, 2015


It’s just too late
The statements have been executed
Who are these people to judge
They don’t know me
The question was raised
That I
Am in the way of someone’s happiness
I was once told
That I am far away
So, just tell me
How do I play a factor
In this person’s happiness
I am never going to be happy myself
And I would never want anyone’s heart
To feel this desperately awful
Can I get an answer from someone…anyone?
I am being judged without a trial
I really don’t understand
How I
Fit into this equation
I am not playing this game with you
Or anyone else for that matter
Who the fuck are you anyway
Putting me into the middle of this
So what if he loves her
How am I in the way?
I am far from everyone concerned
Back off
I have done nothing wrong
My execution
Needs to stop now



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