{#120} “Sparkling Castles” © October 14, 2015


I built my sparkling sugar castles
Out of beautiful daydreams
But when the rains hit
Pouring down upon my castle
Everyone knows
That instantly
Sugar melts away 
Then flowing like a river
Gently away from where I stand
Should I rebuild
Only to have the rains
Fall again
Destroying everything
Yes, I’ll rebuild
In my newest sparkling sugar castle 
Looking out of a tower window
Is my love
He is holding my heart
Holding it high
Upwards towards the sky
He sees the dark clouds building
Now holding my heart close to his
Trying to protect it
Released are jets of rain
Or maybe
Are they my own tear drops
Falling from my eyes
Falling on top of my
Sparkling sugar castle
Melting it
I continue watching my love
And our hearts
Also melting away
Now flowing downstream 
To an empty abyss 
All is lost
I will never rebuild
No more castles
No more dreams
He was my sugar
My dream that I built castles with
Only to have
My very own tears
Destroying everything
All is lost



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