{#117} “Traits” © October 8, 2015


And I am saying this
In all honesty 
Let’s start over
Try introducing me to your demons 
I think of them as character traits 
I have plenty of time
So we can discuss this in detail
Everyone has both
Good and bad inside of them
When I say bad
I do not mean it negatively 
I will show no opposition 
Or resistance to your stories
They are you
I love everything about you
I want to meet and address your character traits
Our personalities are constantly changing
I can learn from you
Your grandioso style
Maybe, just maybe
Some of my hidden traits
Can melt with yours
As they are both good and bad
I do not mean this negatively 
To say the least
This could be very interesting 
Let me introduce you to my demons 
“Character Traits”
Orientation begins now……



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