{#116} “Enough” © October 7, 2015


If all things are exposed
I have lived 5 years longer
Than I ever wanted to
When my mother died
I also died
I have no reason
To remain alive
On this planet
There was a fleeting moment
When things had gotten brighter
Thought my pain might be over
I was sorely mistaken
It all passed very quickly
Like gas
Hot air
Blowing freely out of my ass
I just need my mom to come home
And that can’t ever happen
I really need to be with her again
I have no one to hug me
No one to guide me
No one to talk to
No one that really cares
You see
After Poppa died
Mom just quit wanting to live
She gave up
She only lived another 10 months
After him
Cause of death was listed as
Failure To Thrive
I have now lived
5 years and 4 months after her passing
That is



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