{#114} “Something Wrong?” © October 3, 2015


At work
They have all noticed
I have changed
Not for the better, I might add
“Something wrong?”
I don’t answer
How can I explain
The trust that I gave someone
My heart
And everything else inside of me
Was so recklessly disregarded
How can I tell them
I humiliated myself for being so vulnerable
I am now emotionally gone
Never to emerge again as happy
“Something wrong?”
You are just meeting the real me
For the very first time
Me equalling to nothing
I sold my soul
Trying to be happy
I don’t believe in happy anymore
Just like
I don’t believe in love
Various fairytales told throughout time
Things I sought to find
That are not really there
“Something wrong?”
Not a bloody thing
Just me living with an unbeating heart
Broken by trust
Or fucking lack of it
This is life
And I don’t like it



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