{#113} “Emergency Exit Only” © October 1, 2015


Towards the back of the theatre
Hanging by an almost unseen door
And covered with cobwebs
Is a sign that reads
Emergency Exit Only
She stands silently looking at it
Should she go through the door?
After all
This was an emergency
Only moments ago
He left her crying
As he chose to dance
With the Prima Ballerina on stage
Left on the sidelines
Her now hideous life
Has broken into pieces
And they can not be put back into place
The story she created all by herself
Now a documentary
Was being written about her life
And how she fucked it up royally
The only way to avoid anymore hardship
Is to walk out through the
Emergency Exit Door
It can only be used once
There is no going back
This one and only time
She will take the easy way out
Then saying good bye to absolutely nobody
Without a sound
Her exit came quickly
Never to be seen



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