{#112} “Soul Eater” © September 28, 2015


The soul eater needs to conform
Into a more complex form of being
She has been alone far too long
Eating unsuspecting souls
Since the beginning of time
She knows
Her very own soulmate
Is out there somewhere 
She must find him
Before it is too late
All of the lost souls
Now mean absolutely nothing to her
She hungers
As her need to find him grows stronger
A gala affair is being held in honorable demise 
She walks into the ballroom 
Looking stunningly beautiful as always
And no one else matters
At long last
Wisping gently under her nose
Is the scent that she has been craving
He is somewhere in the room
His aroma 
His aura
The animal magnetism 
His mysterious force has guided her here
She no longer seeks other souls
She must find him
He is the only other soul eater on earth
Sniffing everyone
She feels weak and vulnerable 
She must be getting closer to finding him
He also knew
And felt her ever alarming presents
She was now standing
Right behind him
He turns
Picking her up into his arms
Now, eye contact is locked and undissolving
Their worlds colliding
Lost with an embracing love
Already, the transformation has begun
Evolving into a more complex form
Carrying her into his bedroom chamber
He rips off her clothes
And following his moves
She does the same to him
Devouring each delicious taste of each other
The last two soul eaters
Are now becoming one with each other
Extreme measures are in place
They can now explore a whole new world
No longer feeling the need of devouring souls
They have each other
To feed upon
Soulmates for the rest of eternity



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