{#110} “Vaporless” © September 26, 2015


Do I have friends?
Do I even have family members?
That call just to check on me?
The fact is
Nobody cares
Nobody really knows me
They can’t tell
That I’m about totally spent
Breaking down
Nobody sees me falling
As I no longer can’t walk
My nerves
My body
My brain
Are all numb and dieing
I can’t think any longer 
I hate me
Everyone hates me
No, that’s not true
They don’t hate me
They don’t know me enough
To hate me
Hate is a feeling
And they feel nothing for me
I walk by people daily
Nobody sees me
If I were to just go away
Nobody would even notice
Not family
Not friends
My words fall upon
Deaf ears
Blind eyes
I being
A vaporless mass
Of nothing
Worth while 



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