{#107} “The Bottom Line” © September 22, 2015


I am confused
And it is a feeling
That I do not enjoy
The bottom line is…..
It’s my right to suffer 
Just as long as I’m not a hazard 
Implementing what exactly?
A hazard to whom?
Only myself?
I feel as if
I am standing back
Behind a dark curtain 
Looking through my eyes
But not participating 
Liquidating life
My actions
My voice
They are not heard
No gracious relatives
To bring over a casserole dish
That will add color to my table 
I guess I can order it online
I’ve been reduced to this
Baby’s come undone
There are no benefits 
From this clinical trial
The bottom line is….
Without amazing support
Harmony could not exist
To participate in Harmony
Sign up today
Visa and Mastercard excepted



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