{#104} “Sincerely. -v ” © September 19, 2015


This was the last letter
That he wrote to her
And it was signed
Sincerely.   -v
It sounded so cold
You could feel it
All the way through to your bones
He so obviously 
Does not care about her
Tears filled her eyes
As she was thinking about
All the other letters
That he had sent to her
Over the years
They were written with love
Talking about life
Sharing deep secrets
Coldness reads throughout his words
They were written like this….
“I have many emails daily.”
“I am so sorry
That I can’t address yours
More attentively.”
Again Brrrrr 
It seems as if
Her letters to him
No longer take precedence over the others
She no longer mattered to him
He must have someone new to talk to
And no courage to let her know
Just a Dear Fifi
Sincerely.   -v



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