{#103} “Seppuku” © September 18, 2015


Jumping into the web
That is right above my head
As it is being spun
Am I the only one to see this?
A black sticky web
Trying hard to entrap me
Where is that spider Bitch?
She’s trying to devour me
I have not seen her
Bites are popping
I smell her evil pungent smell
I feel death approaching 
As the black webbing spins
Who can save me?
Who will be my hero?
I laugh
There is no one
I must fight this alone
I will throw myself
Into that sticky, stinky web
Get it all over with
I’ve said this before
And I’ll say it again
I like black
Such a peaceful darkness
Then before she has a chance
To eat me alive
I’ll go first
With all my might
Jumping into the web
And there she is
Bring it on Bitch
I accidentally stepped on her
That was so easy
I just killed her
I really can’t believe that I won
The web is now mine
I am the victor
I am the spider in the black web
Are now my feast
I like eating you
Soft, beautiful, white meat
A nibble here
A nibble there
Think I might keep you around awhile
Jump into the web with me
But now
Because of you
This is now a web of sunshine
This web now represents a rainbow?
And do I smell flowers?
This is a dramatic change of events
Wait just a flipping minute
No, No, No
This is not the way my fairytale ends
It’s party time



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