{#100} “Poem #100 Bang, Bang” © September 16, 2015


Who are you trying to fool?
You’re just a worthless piece of shit
Who do you have now
To hold your hand
When you are sick
Or even just scared and frightened?
That is right
Not one person
In this whole wide world
If you live or die
One person is totally dependant on you
But they do not understand the meaning of
Life and death
That’s right
Not one person
That you can confide in
To talk to
To tell your dreams to
Those dreams that will never come true
This situation is totally hopeless
You are a worthless piece of shit
The world says
You “MUST” feel beautiful about yourself
You don’t feel beautiful 
You “MUST” believe in yourself
Because you are all you have
Isn’t that just special
Which is sad
The fact is
I’m talking about myself in the second person
That’s right
It’s all about me
I hate me
I don’t care if I live or die
Nobody else cares
Why should I?
Nobody will miss me
What does it matter anyway?
This was poem #100
Bang, Bang



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