{#97} “The Tryst” © September 13, 2015


Foretold by the tarot reader
Seen written in the night sky
As always
I knew he would break my heart
This wasn’t my first tryst with a Rockstar 
Just the first time
Being with someone
So damn old
I kept it quiet
Nobody knew
I thought that might make a difference 
It did not
I shall remain quiet 
As not divulge our secrets
You see….
I have always dated guys
That were much younger than myself
Blamed it all on their immaturity
I’ve discovered
Age has nothing to do with it
Neither does love
It is all a male hormone thing
That seems to pulsate from below their hips
I have also come to realize 
Love does not exist
As among other fables that I’ve been told
I’ve kept my heart open
I thought this time would be different
Ya, right
Men are all the same
Their age does not matter 
It just hurts a little more this time
I guess I was hoping
That with all that added age and years of experience 
Someone might care
About me maybe
Everything that I was taught
Life’s lessons
The stories were all lies
It’s okay
I’ll just write it off
In blood this time
As signed below
Sealed with a kiss
The End



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