{#92} “Except Me” © August 30, 2015


It is all me
Accept me for what I am
Optical migraines
I can’t help it
If my mind pixelates everything
Too bad
I just can’t see the “Big Picture”
My mind keeps arranging
And rearranging the size of my mental capacities
Cross wired with outside influences
Visual footnotes don’t help
This disability reflects in my poems
This is me
This is whomever crossed my path today
Maybe, it was yesterday?
Maybe, decades ago?
Or seven years ago this week…
Its not you
Todays special service announcement
Was not about you
Maybe, it was
I’m not so sure anymore
I just can’t
With all the bat shit under the bridge
That bridge was built decades ago
Political ideology is crumbling
Along with my thoughts and prayers
The database that I draw upon is twisted
Don’t take it so personally
It’s not about any one person
Except me
Then I cry
Accept me




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