{#91} “Game. Set. Match.” © August 29, 2015


He was a man to be revered
At one point in time
He said it wasn’t anybody’s business 
If he had a girlfriend
He was talking to me
About me
That was a lie
He says
“Let’s get this over with”
And kisses me for the very first time
Then again
Over and over
Everything that happened after that point
Was also a lie
A game to him
To conquer
To win
He didn’t have to use those specific words
Or motions
But he did
Built up my expectations 
Leading me up to that so called,
“Yellow Brick Road”
I was higher than I had ever been before
Just for him to shove me back down
He didn’t even care enough
To watch me fall
Hypothetically speaking…dysfunctional?
I am
Did I miss something?
A delinquent misplaced memory?
I recall nothing of that sort
Melodramatic, mistaken desire?
It was all a lie
He was a man to be revered
My oversight
He was just a man
A man with a dick
He used this to his advantage 
I lost



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