{#90} “I’ll See Him In Hell” © August 27, 2015


It was only one day
Only a few lost hours
And yet
Being with him
I sold my soul
Whole lot of good it did me
Damned to my dreams
Damned to my fantasies
I’ll see him in Hell
I was just another fuck
It meant nothing to him
Who else has he done this to?
Must be really nice to be heartless
Fuck after fuck
Different women
He doesn’t care for anyone
Except himself of course
Like a horse
He rides us all
Until we break
I am broken
The fact is…
I am not the only one
Years and years
Of fucking women over
Many women
Many women
I’ve talked to some of these women
Their stories are all the same
Truth be told
Man whore
And we all shall be
I will see him
In Hell


Dedicated to all abused women. For you Mom….
My inspiration for this poem was my friend Stacey. She is a far stronger woman than I.


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