{#88} “Humanistic Amobias” © August 24, 2015


Male or female
It is politically incorrect
It is sexist
Let’s take gender out of the equation
We are just amoebas
All the same
Equal in every way possible
Day in
Day out
Harmlessly floating around this earth
Over the years
All of the amoebas that you have known
They still have their individual names
So tell me
Who, what, why or maybe just the things
That you are afraid of
There is no labeling of groups
I am not going to let you do that
Male or female no longer exist
As for the brain eating amoebas
That you are so afraid of
Is it a physical afraid?
Is it a mental afraid?
For Heaven’s sake
Purge them from your life
Just put them in their perspective places
There is no reason to be afraid
Face your demons head on
Take a stand
You can do this
Or take someone’s hand that you trust
You are beautifully wonderful
A site to behold
We are all just amoebas on this planet
To be loved without fear
No fear at all



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