{#87} “Pieces Of Me” August 22, 2015 ©


Very observant he was
All the wasted words
Across countless pages
That he never really read
If he did
The understanding of me
Would be clearer to the observer
Can you hear me?
My thoughts?
My feelings?
I have struggled throughout time
Trying to see what I missed
Blame me
As it all falls back
Into my personal space
I grab for words in the stars
Can I catch one?
Or maybe two?
Slam it down
Put it on paper
Do you think
That he might finally understand?
Will he read what I wrote?
Or maybe
Think about what he had just read?
It is all right there
In black and white
It can not hurt him
Every time that I write on paper
It can only hurt me
Compulsively surrendering
Pieces of me



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