{#85} “I Couldn’t Unlove Him” August 12, 2015 ©


If he were to totally abort from my life
Remove himself from the equation
I couldn’t just unlove him
For a year and a half
In my mundane life
He played the supreme role of godhead
A divine source of being
Holding me together
So important to only me
Trying to direct my divergent tendencies
He took charge
Without even knowing
Along with my heart
Everything has just stopped
So what if
I don’t see or ever talk to him again
That’s alright
Even if I tried
I couldn’t unlove him
He is the better part of me
I would not be here
If it weren’t for him.
As for the intervention my friends held
What a joke
It isn’t working
I couldn’t unlove him
And I didn’t want to




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