{#81} “This Is Your Happy Ending, Cinderella” August 6, 2015 ©


This was to be her
Cinderella moment
Dressed to the nines
Looking as beautiful as possible
Total perfection
Holding her head high
She walked into the club
All by herself
Glowing with radiance
Everyone saw her enter
Little did she know
That behind her back
They were talking and laughing
All at her expense
She was the joke
And a cruel joke it was
She came all that way…
For what?
Prince Charming?
So she thought
With everyone around her
She danced and made merriment
Then precisely at the stroke of midnight
Her world went silently black
Coldness honed in
Was she dead?
In Purgatory?
As dawn approached
In a steel blackened cage
She awoke
Barely roam to move
But free to roam it's tight quarters
She is now in a living hell
Trapped inside forever
Never to feel a human touch
She lost herself
The world around her goes merrily along
Her Cinderella moment is over
Welcome to it
This is your Happy Ending





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