{#80} “Rest In Peace…Sweet Fifi” August 5, 2015 ©


Playing his little mind games
Just like he does with all of the women
He knew exactly what he was doing
When he took off all of his clothes
Then laid nakedly in his bed
With me right next to him
Afraid of women?
I think not
It’s a very good line to use on us women
And of course
I fell for it
And I bet it works everytime he uses it
No, wait
I know it works first hand
The first time anyway
I will never fall for it again
But I will never have another chance
He never double dips with a woman twice
I found that out the hard way
Hundreds of scenarios played out in my head
Like visions of sugar plums dancing
But I never imagined anything like this
Cold and callous
Perfect strangers
He seemed to play that well
My life became a tail spinning comet through space
Heading to destroy a life on earth
My life
He knew exactly what he was doing
The marker over my grave reads….
Rest In Peace, Sweet Fifi



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