{#79} “Silent Cries Of A Broken Heart” August 2, 2015 ©


She sits in the far corner
Of the local cafe
Drinking her hot, black coffee
Nibbling on a stale, day old baguette
All bought
With the change she made
Selling her heart felt poetry
After the reading, earlier in the day
She cries
For those lost moments in time
And the lines in her face show
That there is no joy in her life
She chokes on the dry bread
Then sips a little more coffee
To free the wedged mass of dough
She thinks to herself,
“Why bother?
There is no more hope.”
No one sees her silent cries for help
No one hears her shattering heart
It is breaking
Into thousands of tiny
Little pieces
And no one even sees her there
Her God awful lonely pain
Trapped with only her memories
Beauty Queen memories
Now riddled with aged lines
I’ll tell you a little more
You just have to come a little closer
I am going to speak softly
So no one else will hear
Put your head upon my heart
You laugh
Fuck you
That noise you hear
Deep within my chest
I am that girl in the corner
And these are my



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