{#77} “This Is My Happy Ending” July 20, 2015 ©


Questioning life again?
“This is my happy ending?”
She walked out the door
Not looking back
As she knows
He is standing there
With tears filling
His bright blue eyes
And waving
Goodbye to her
This time
She was leaving forever
Leaving the man
That with all her heart
Truly loves
Toxic relationship?
Then why is she leaving?
Because of the feelings
That she doesn’t understand 
It frightens her
Searching for something
Wanting something
But not knowing what
That something is
He was the best thing
To ever happen to her
So she is just walking away 
From a piece of her soul
Her soulmate in life
She can feel him crying
There is a death grip 
Surrounding her heart
She stops dead
In her steps
“I must not look back”
She was saying to herself
Just under her breath 
Ever so gradually 
She looked over her shoulder
It was just a glimpse 
A harmless glimpse 
Then with a vengeance 
The grip
Holding onto her heart
Broke loose
Knocking her back
And making her fall
Her head makes a cracking sound
When it hits the ground
Her head spinning
Visions of him
And spinning
Unbeknownst to her
He was now beside her
Holding her so lovingly 
He cradles her head
And lays down beside her
His only true love
His soulmate in life
She looks in his eyes
His beautiful, bright blue eyes
He is the only man
That she has ever truly loved
He tenderly kisses her forehead
“Are you ready to come back home?”
He askes
She replies
“This is my happy ending”



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