{#73} “Let Me Just Rest In Peace” July 8, 2015 ©


Can I please
Just rest in peace
Since the day that I met you
I have not been able to sleep
You don’t care
I am really not healthy
To clear the air
I do need this trip
You are just so totally clueless
On how I feel
You have no idea about
My silly little crush on you
And it needs to be broken
Break me
I need you
I really don’t need you
I just think I do
My heart simply aches
For only you
I must end this silly little crush
I don’t really want to
I need to
I am so confused
My heart aches
And you have no idea
You ass
It’s not your fault
It is all on me
I can’t help the way I feel
I need this trip
I need you to….
Break me
Let me just
Rest in Peace

God Speed Peace



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