{#72} “I Can’t Hear You Smile” July 7, 2015 ©


At one point in time
We were so close
I could hear you smile
Even hundreds of miles away 
I could feel every little thing
That you felt
Throughout your body
As if it were happening to me
Our bodies were so
In sync 
With each other
Even hundreds of miles away
You held my soul inside of you
My Darling
Something has changed
That special connection has broken
Are you lost?
What the Hell did you do?
All I hear and feel
Is a dark, cold, damp wall
I am standing with my back pressed against it
My open arms held wide 
Waiting for only you
I won’t leave you
Are you lost?
I know that you are there
I can feel your presence 
But sadly
I can’t hear you smile



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