{#60} “I Wrote A Poem” May 18, 2015 ©


I wrote a poem
Beautiful words of expression 
I put everything
My heart and soul
They bled into it
I still cry every time that I read this poem
My love for him poured out
Spewed over the pages
Written and rewritten 
Making sure
Every word was perfectly placed
Tears stain my final copy
I love him so
I can’t wait to share my thoughts
My words
With only him
I sent him a short but sweet message
“Please, call me”
In my own voice
I want to read this to him
I want him to feel
My raw emotions
As they flow over the telephone 
There is no reply
Then when I finally get a message
It reads
“No time to read your message.
Will do it later”
First the hours
Then days have passed
My exposed heart
Is just flippantly tossed aside
He just doesn’t care
I am hurt
But it doesn’t matter
To him
I was a one nighter
And it wasn’t even a night
All I have is this beautiful poem
That I wrote for him
Beautiful words of expression
That are now
Only for me to read to myself



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