{#58} ” Is Your Life Better Or Worse for… Meeting Me? ” May 9, 2015 ©


How could you ask?
Haven’t I made my feelings clear enough?
You are the best thing to ever happen to me
You are the most important thing in my life
My children are too
They have their own lives to live
You are my future
There is no one else in this world
That I want to spend the rest of my life with
Is my life better or worse?
I would choose you
For better or for worse
I am floored by you asking me that question
No one has ever done for me
All the little things that you did
Little things that you don’t even remember
You asked me at the time
“Why are you crying?”
Because you are so special to me
Nobody can ever fill that spot in my heart
It’s only you
I am afraid to ask
“Is your life better or worse for….meeting me?
I might not like the answer
My life is better
You were never a mistake 
I would do it all over again
And again
And again
Just to spend that short time with you….again
Is my life better?
57 poems I have written this year
All containing a small bit or piece of you
There is nothing more that I can say
I love you




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