{#53} “Crappy Little Can” April 23, 2015 ©


“Crappy Little Can”
She says in a huff
I looked at her puzzled
Then she added
It’s just not right
And I’m not paying another dollar
For anything better
Crappy Little Can….
Crappy Little Can?
What a great title for my next poem
She added to the intriguement
By saying
If this Crappy Little Can
Leaks at the crappy little spout
She was going to bring
The Crappy Little Can
For a total refund
I told her
And that she was my inspiration 
I put out a poetry challenge 
Right there on the spot
To her
To everyone else in line
Who will take on
The Crappy Little Can?
This will have a life
All of its own
The Crappy Little Can
Will be my
Crappy Little Poem





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