1-8-2001 “Your Wonderful Wine” ©


From the box you sent me
I wash the one remaining glass
How I wish that you were here
To share this moment with me
Corkscrew in hand, I approach the bottle
The cork gently glides out
I smell the cork
I saw it in a movie
I slowly pour the warm wine into my glass
I smell the wine
What a rich, romantic smell
I have not tasted it yet
I picture you sitting across from me
I watch and then follow your moves
I watch your mouth
The red wine slips in
Wanting to taste the wine on your lips
I kiss you
The bittersweet kiss of your lips and the wine
But, you are not really here
And just thinking about the moment
Gives me something to look forward to
You are my “Spark”
Something to go on for
Meeting you will be a highlight in my life
I want to share moments like this with you
Candlelight and wine
Tender kisses
That lead to a heated passion
You have “Sparked” the woman in me
One that I gave up on years ago
There’s a passion built up in me
That needs to be released
Only you, hold that flame of passion
Only you, have that power over me
Be my fantasy
If only for one day
If only
For one hour


A Gutterboy inspired poem


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