1-13-2001 “The First Kiss” ©


   After two days of riding on the train, all she could think about was the anticipated first kiss. She was wearing a black skirt about midcalf, and black tights. Her hair hanging down on a long sleeved white silk blouse and you could almost see her heart beating beneath it with excitement. The train was pulling up to her destination. She inhaled a deep breath and tears started to well up in her eyes. She swore to herself that she would not cry, but it was taking everything inside of her not to. Grabbing her bags, she headed towards the exit door. Stepping carefully down as not to fall and make a fool of herself, three steps was all she needed to clear. Someone then took ahold of her hand and another hand went on her elbow to steady her stance. This was him. He had big beautiful hazel eyes, and they met with hers. On flat ground he then put his hand behind her head and pulled her in. This was it. The first kiss. She had waited months for this and the time was now. She slowly slipped into his mouth. Lips gently touching. Tongues gently touching. They were now responding to each other, going deeper into the kiss. But, this was still the train station. She ended the kiss by licking his mouth. Now arm and arm they walked together. They were going home. To be alone. To continue the kiss…,and more



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