{#45} “Gracefully Falling From Grace” April 5, 2015 ©


She is falling from grace
The excitement of old friends and live music
Always does this to her
And there is nothing anyone can do
When she falls
She always falls so hard
Withdrawals from live music have this effect 
She has been idly just getting by
For several months now
Sort of an even keel
Then the music fills her completely 
But when the rush is over
Going back home to her boring life
Leaves her totally empty
The long lost friends had made her so comfortable 
And at ease with all the world
But now
That feeling is gone
She has been drained of everything inside of her
Empty and alone
She misses the life she once had
Was all she ever wanted
It is now gone
And so is her life
Because without music 
She is gracefully falling
Falling from grace



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