{#39} “My Erratic Lingo” Friday the 13th of March ©


So what
When I write
I occasionally put myself
As the first,
And at times
The third person in my stories
They say
You’re never alone
With a schizophrenic 
But I am so alone
With just myself
How do I hone in on 
One objective
One subject
Leaving myself
Out of the scenario 
Do I tell myself
To shut my mouth
I dislike when I spew
My erratic lingo 
The only person I hurt
Is myself
And I don’t like me very much
When I write like that
It is a part of me
And guess what
I am stuck with Me
And Me
And Me
That was funny
I am now
Laughing Out Loud
I do humor myself at times
I just need to step back
Listen and watch
Before spewing vile
Erratic Lingo 
We’re all alright 



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