{#38} “Spins In The Wind” March 11, 2015 ©


As you want me to write
My mind
Spins in the Wind
Yet, there are no experiences 
Nothing left in my repertoire 
Nothing left to draw upon
I have pulled out
Just about everything
That I have
Low and Behold
There it is
Spinning in the wind
My inspiration 
What the Hell
Was that left over crap
From your blender
That I found
Floating in my
Nothing like a cool
With stringy thingys in it
I will write about that
The Cocktail
It was so tasty too
When I started pulling
Not one
Not two
Stringy brown thingys
From my
Geez, Honey
My mind
Spins in the Wind
And just from our
Short time together
You inspire me
More and more
I will find those 
Hidden treasures
In my mind
And write about them
As they
Spin in the wind



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