{#34} “Fool me Twice…I Like It” March 2, 2015 ©


Like the song says
“Let’s just kiss and say good bye”
I never got the farewell kiss
Not even a good bye
Guess I wasn’t good enough
You stand so tall
High upon that pedestal
Worshipped by all
But, I know the real you
And it isn’t so pretty
You shine bright alright
For everyone you meet
Fool me once
Shame on you
Fool me twice
It won’t happen
Yes, it will
Even though
You treat me like a nobody
I like spending time
With you
You are the main reason
That I am me
And until I find
Someone or something new
You will remain
My muse
So go ahead
Fool me twice
I like it


I sometimes use myself as the first and second person in my writings. I stand back and watch myself. Sometimes it isn’t pretty.


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