{#30} “Just….Let It Be” Feb. 25, 2015 ©


Oh, well….
What should I write about today?
Maybe, I shouldn’t write about anything
I feel the need to write about it
The fact that he just does not love me
Oh my goodness
That really doesn’t sound promising either
And with that fact
I just don’t want to except it
I was a nonexistent, poor excuse of a human being
I would spend days in bed
Not even getting dressed
Not even living
Then out of nowhere
He entered my life
He brought me back to life
I actually liked me for the first time
At this point
If he were to leave my life
I hate to say this
But, I would lose me
Oh, well…..
And guess what?
This time it would be forever
I can survive with just a small part of him
Just one word, one text
A day?
Even a week?
Two weeks!!!
I would be OK
But, I am so afraid of losing him
Maybe, I shouldn’t write about anything


Had to go into work at 6 am. There was ice on my windshield. It was cold and miserable out in the garden shop. All alone. Nobody wanted to shop when it is that cold. My mind wandered back in time.


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