“ROSES AND WEEDS” Feb 3, 2015 ©


Roses lined her dressing room as it was opening night at the Orpheus Theatre. She inhales a deep breath of their wondrous fragrance. It had really been a totally rotten day for her. Tonight, she was going to shine no matter what and with all the flowers it helped her to relax. She walks out onto the stage where the audience goes wild. She starts to sing with all her heart and soul. Nobody knows that earlier in the day, all hell had broken loose. She saw her lover with another woman. She held it all in and said nothing to anyone. Too painful to talk about. She was never going to let this bring her down. Still singing, she now sees him sitting in the audience. The woman she saw him with earlier is sitting next to him. NO….she would not cry. Her heart felt like a tangled bunch of weeds. Her last encore was now over. Time for the “Meet and Greet” with the crowd. She saw him making his way up. Promising herself to be nice, taking in a deep breath, she air kisses his cheek.
“Baby, Where have you been?” he asks while handing her a beautiful bouquet of roses. She thought to herself, “They did smell wonderful.” She looks at him with tears filling her eyes. Then she looks at the woman accompanying him. “How could he be so cruel?” she thought to herself again.
“Honey, I want you to meet my sister!” His innocent face has no clue as to what’s been going on in her mind. Her world starts to spin and thinking she might pass out. He holds on to her so lovingly. Her world just went from dying weeds to roses. Oh, how she loves him.  Thus, to this point in time, her life story could read…
♡♡Please Be careful not to mistake the roses for weeds♡♡


This was my happy ending!
I think I did good?


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