{#21} “You Can’t Lose What You Never Had” Jan. 31, 2015 ©


It’s been 14 days
And she has not heard from him
Those 14 days
Seemed like a lifetime 
And just when
She was starting to get over the loss of him
He sends a message
Pointless garble
That’s all it took
Her heart was racing again
It was a generic message
Sent out to the masses
She was just one of hundreds
Who received that same message
Starting to loosen 
Were the ties holding her heart together
Fading away
Is the bond she felt for him
This is a good thing
Without feeling so attached 
She can now spend time with him
That’s the best feeling in the world to her
No strings
No commitment 
The 14 days
Of not hearing from him
Were devastating 
But she also knew
If she waited
She would hear from him
She loves him
And is no longer afraid
Of losing him



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