{#18} “She’s Just A Woman” Jan. 27, 2015 ©


Beautiful Princess
She is really just a woman
Standing alone in the middle of the forest
She is draped in satin and lace
All white
Flowers blooming around her bare feet
The warm sun feels so good on her face
She reaches her hands towards the sky
As if to ask for a hug
But other than that
She is motionless
Around her heart
Ice crystals are forming and building up
Tightening their grip
Making the beat stagnant 
Alone, she stands
Alone, she will die
The beat is now totally gone
She falls silently to the ground
Nobody hears
Nobody even cares
This beautiful princess
Was never given a chance
A chance
To be

But what if….
While reaching her hands to the sky
Her prince emerges from the forest
Takes her hand
Breaks her free
What if ???

I am just a woman
Trying hard to write a happy ending
It is hard
I am the princess
Just a woman
I am the one dieing
Someone come and rescue me
Before it is too late
I beg of you


Another 8 hours outside in the garden center. I need rescuing!!! But in all honestly….I like it out there!!!


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