{#16} “HAPPY ENDING” angry version Pt. 2 of 2 Jan. 25, 2015 ©


Happy Ending?
There is no such thing as a
Fucking Happy Ending
And Fuck You for making me think that there was
He says….
Well, what else is there?
I work and do nothing else
Ends don’t meet
Can’t afford to even LIVE
Why should I bother living???
A Happy Ending?……BULL SHIT 
So much joy♡
So many flowers♡
God I’m happy♡
Fuck You
There is no


Sorry…after 8 hours out in the cold windy garden shop~~~this was all I could come up with. The last girl to give me a 15 minute break asked me if her hair was still alright.. after her 15 minutes out side? You know I said yes. Do you know what my hair looked like after 8 hours out in the wind???
My anger shows in this poem.
1-27-2015….I have another 8 hour shift outside. In my wind and rain. I hope that I can write a few more positive things today….♡


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