“Mystery Dancer” #11 Nov. 18, 1981 ©


He was a Mystery Dancer
A one man prancer
He wore a yellow shirt
I had a mini skirt
There was a little bow tie 
That really caught my eye
Oh my
I fell in love with that kind of guy
I watched him jump
And I watched him fly
I swear he could touch the sky
When the music ended
I thought my heart was mended
But he was gone
So what went wrong?
Oh my
He was a “cheap” sort of guy
I am at that pub almost every night
Looking for that graceful sight
It must be some kind of a “trick”
Because my heart is aching sick
My beautiful bouncing baby boy
He looked like a little wind-up toy
Oh my
I can’t find my bundle of joy
If and when I see you again
I’m going to step right out of my place
Want to see you face to face
I’m going to hit your heart starter
I want to be your dancing partner
Oh my
I’m going to give your feet a stir


He danced at all the local Rockford clubs. This was the late 1970’s.  Still trying to find him. He was a diehard Cheap Trick fan.


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