{#11} “There Was A Reason” Jan. 22, 2015


When spending time with you
The reason I was so comfortable
Was because
For the first time
In over four years
I could let my guard down
I didn’t need to be strong any longer
It was the first time since my parents died
I was totally at ease
I had no worries at all
I could have fallen asleep
And slept comfortably all night long
But my time with you was limited
I now know
I could never possibly 
Feel that relaxed again
You are the only one
That I could ever do that with
And now
You are no longer a part of my life
I might as well die
The stress of life
Is just too overwhelming for me
There is no peace
I can’t do it alone 
Any longer
Good bye 


I don’t know how to write a happy ending.


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