“Still Love Me?” Nov. 23, 2000 ©

Underneath a neon light
She stood in the cold
Waiting for a man
She had never met


Letters and phone calls
Promised of a love
That she had never known

Willing to take that chance
She drove for days on end
Hoping to find this man

But as minutes turned into hours
She knew he would never meet her there
Underneath that neon light

She opened up the last letter
That he had written to her
“”Still love me?” it said

Her heart was pounding so hard
The pain was so great
Dieing would be nice
Tears ran down her cheeks

The neon light crackled and popped
Then went black
Darkness filled her world
She was now totally alone
In a strange place

Then suddenly out of nowhere 
Arms wrapped around her
Holding tight

There was another snap and crackle
The neon light came back on
Brighter than ever

After years of letters and phone calls
They were together
Face to face for the first time
“Let’s go home” he said



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