“Old Black And White Movie” #3 Sept. 5, 2004 ©


She waits in a cold, dark motel room. A knock on the door or even just a telephone call would ease a little of the pain. Pain caused by a broken promise. But years and years of broken promises have taken their toll on this woman. Different lovers, different men, all promised love, all have fallen by the wayside. Stupid girl. Love, life… It’s all a lost cause. Why bother? This will be the last time any man hurts her again. With a broken heart full of promised love and a few bottles of unknown pills….She places her mouth over the end of the whiskey bottle. The whiskey was his favorite. She bought it just for him. Just for tonight. But he just didn’t show up. She first kissed down a drink. Then with the second drink go the pills. Now, she sleeps an eternal sleep. Without pain. Her broken heart has now stopped hurting her. Her worthless, loveless life, can hurt her no more. Sad as it seems….No one will miss her.
Was she ever really here?



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