“The Dancing Bull In Blue Boots” May 4, 1988 Wednesday ©

In the middle of the night
It gave me a fright
To see
A dancing Bull in Blue Boots


He said
This is a wild chance
Just a midsummer trance
So come and dance
With this Bull in Blue Boots
Music filled the air 
The ghosts stopped and stared
At my
Dancing Bull in Blue Boots
The mood felt so good
But it was understood
We must not take a chance
On a sweet summer romance
Between a girl
And a
Bull in Blue Boots
He had to depart
And I knew in my heart
That this Bull had to go
But I was keeping
Those Damn Blue Boots
Hey diddle diddle
This was a rhyme with no riddle 
And the Bull
Can jump over the moon


I wrote this in 1988. This is a picture of Vince Vance and it just seemed to fit perfectly with my poem. Check out the shoes!


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