“Shadows Of The Night” April 4, 1988 Monday ©

Fading into the shadows of the night
Stands a man


Never moving
For fear that the ice that encases his heart
Might melt
Showing a side of his emotions
That are so deeply locked away 
And forgotten about
But low and behold
Another shadow approaches 
This time a woman
Her radiant eyes are glowing like diamonds 
They seek out the ravens that are encaged
In the steel blackness of this man’s body
The warmth she is emanating starts to melt
The coldest particles of hardened ice
Feeling naked to all the world
He drops to the ground and weeps
Kneeling down beside him
She embraces his body
They unite into one
Becoming stronger with each pulsating movement
Together they now stand 
As Man and Woman
Tis the dawn of a new era
A time of love



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